Nilesh Ambaliya.



What We do

We serve a wide range of industries and manufacturers. As specialists in custom and standard rubber items, HM Rubber has been working with rubber to make it contribute more to the products of Indian Industry. Our guiding principle through these years has always been:

To better serve you, the user.


Highest Quality

The policy of HM Rubber is to provide products and services of the highest quality in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Continual improvement

Our primary goal is to meet or exceed customer requirements by maintaining exceptional quality standards and through continual improvement in everything we do.

A leader in our chosen markets

HM Rubber's strong commitment to achieving and maintaining this goal will lead to a reputation for quality and enable us to be acknowledged as a leader in our chosen markets.

Our quality is a source of pride

Our quality is a source of pride to all of those who are a part of the HM Rubber Team and this policy is understood, implemented and maintained by everyone in and associated with HM Rubber.

Success of the company

By striving for quality, honesty and efficiency we will all be playing our part in the continuing success of our company.



We have set up an excellent quality control system comprising of most advanced machinery to ensure minimum tolerances. Our team of Professional engineer and Skilled technicians oversee the adherence of strict quality standards.

Oil Seals

High quality seals

O Rings

With all types of synthetics rubber

Hydraulic Sealing

Solutions for fluid power applications

Pneumatic Sealing

In Rotary or Reciprocating motions