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Leading with an extensive range to the Automobile, Industrial, Electrical,Electronic, Textile, Energy and Home Appliance Industries


HM produces bellows mainly for the automotive customers. The selection of the bellow material influenced by the operating condition, application and the type of construction. Our Bellows are in lots of design and long lasting.

Rubber To Metal Bonded

HM has expertise for rubber to metal bonding. Here bonding is done after certain chemical and mechanical treatment on metal so that the bonding can last longer. Our technologist are rich experienced in this process. We also offers rubber to metal, rubber to nylon, rubber to cotton, rubber to Teflon etc.

Extruded Products

We extrude out the different kind of sections from all types of rubber and in different kinds of colors. The process is carried out under fully controlled parameters to optimize the product properties. Our silicon extrusion products are very accurate, cost effective. In tubing we offers from very small to high Diagram tubes depends on customer requirement.

Oil Seals

High quality seals made up of Nitrile, HNBR, Vitron, Neoprene and also as per customer requirement. We are regularly providing the specially tailor made seals which can withstand against critical conditions. Dimensional accuracy is very important in this application which obviously we provide best.

Expansion Joint

During flow of high temp.steam, fluid etc. in pipe system these joints are required to prevent pipeline breakage. Our specially designed joints can withstand the internal pressure of pipe and flexible enough to absorb expansion, contraction, vibration movement and also balance the axial, lateral, angular, torsional movement. Depending upon the application it can be made up of Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicon and Natural rubber.

"O" Rings

HM offers wide range of "O" rings from ID 2mm to 600 mm. ALL O rings are available in all types of synthetics rubbers. These "O" rings are manufactured on hydraulic press. with automatic temperature and time controllers to ensures accurate dimensions, excellent surface and defect free.

Rubber Sheet

We manufacture and fabricate the highest quality rubber products from sheet rubber. Our rubber sheet brand is designed for a wide range of uses, including gasketing and sealing applications. We provide in different material: 1. Natural Rubber 2. Nitiral Rubber 3. Neoprine Rubber 4. Silicon Rubber

Textile rubber products

These Textile Rubber Parts are made from very high quality raw material which ensures hassle free work performance at its user end. These Textile Rubber Parts are technologically advanced and confirm to industrial quality norms of international standard. These Textile Rubber Parts are widely finds its applications in various industrial sectors.

Chevron Packings

Extremely suitable for medium duty to heavy duty application. Chevron seal accepts low & high pressure, vigorous conditions & also if any misalignment between sealing gaps. The distinctive and exclusive hinge-like action of each Chevron ring permits immediate reaction even to minor pressure changes. Each individual lip of Chevron packing set independently reacts to pressure and automatically effect a seal.

Hydraulic Sealing Components

Hydraulic Sealing Components are used in wide range of different applications, from construction machinery, which has to perform under toughest pressure, temperature and media conditions, all the way to industrial water hydraulics in pressure intensifiers operating under extreme requirements with regard to lubrication, wear and corrosion.


We manufacture Rubber diaphragms for applications like Pumps, Actuators, LPG Valves, CNG Valves, Wax actuators, Thermal Actuators, Gas Diaphragm and Pressure Diaphragm. Our diaphragms are both reinforced and non-reinforced.Designing and Manufacturing a Rubber Diaphragm is a science itself and there are a lot of factors involved to get the right fit; for example design, raw material, pressure, medium in contact etc.


Gaskets are mechanical seals that prevent leaks between separate substrate sections. They are occasionally made of metal because they must be durable enough to withstand extreme pressures and wear.However, many gaskets, such as o-rings, can be made out of synthetic rubbers or silicone. These thick rubbers are robust enough to handle the kinds of extreme pressure and wear associated with gasket applications.